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  • Export data from Xively to CSV

    I’ve been using Xively (back then it was Cosm) for my data logging Arduinos since 2012, so when they announced that “LogMeIn has made the decision to retire Xively Personal from its current line of products effective January 15, 2018 at 12:00PM ET“, I thought I’d better get my data out of there. Unfortunately it […]

  • Logging system stats from NAS to Cosm.com

    Cosm.com (formerly¬†Pachube) is an online database that lets you store values and plot them over time. One use is to log system stats from a computer or NAS (in this case a Qnap 419p). First setup an account on Cosm and add a new Feed, this will give you a feed id which you’ll use […]