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  • Boxee running on AppleTV through a VPN to access BBC iPlayer

    Okay, I admit this is quite an intricate setup, but it works great and the¬†different¬†parts of it will work by themselves so hopefully this can be of use for others too. First a little background for the setup. I use a 1st gen (aluminium) AppleTV as a “TV” in the bedroom connected to a pair […]

  • Home Theater PC

    My first HTPC in 2003 was based around a VIA M10000 “Nehemiah” mini-itx motherboard and a Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350 tv tuner. After trying some different media center software I found GB-PVR which was the only one that could use the hardware MPEG2 decoder on the PVR-350 without crashing every other minute. This turned out to […]