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  • Alfa Romeo type numbers (codes)

    Just a list of Alfa Romeo models with type numbers Model Type Years Source “Future Coup√© and Spider” 963 ?? – ?? autoedizione “Future SUV-C” 962 2017 – ?? autoedizione “Future E segment” 961 ?? – ?? autoedizione 4C 960 2013 – ?? Wikipedia MiTo 955 2008 – ?? Wikipedia Giulia 952 2015 – ?? […]

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia (2014) – News and rumors

    The replacement for the Alfa Romeo 159 (which went out of production in 2011), has been on it’s way for years (on/off). Now that we’re getting closer to an actual car, I’ll start to collect the news and rumors here. The car has long been rumored to revive the name of the 60s and 70s […]

  • New Alfa Spider – 2015 Duetto

    New Alfa Spider – 2015 Duetto

    Rumours (dreams?) of a Duetto inspired Alfa Spider has been around ever since the last type 105 Spider S4 rolled out of the factory in 1994. They had died out a bit, but after we’ve had the 4C concept presentation, the Spider guesses are starting once again. I’ll try to update this post as the […]

  • Alfa Romeo 4C – The production version

    Alfa Romeo 4C – The production version

    Similar to how we followed the 4C concept rumors, I’ll here try to follow the rumors surrounding the production version of the Alfa 4C. 2012-08-02 AutomotiveNewsEurope –¬†Fiat declines to give clues on new investments “Fiat also confirmed that preparatory work to produce a new Alfa Romeo model — the 4C – at its factory in […]

  • Alfa Romeo 4C, making the concept

    Alfa Romeo 4C, making the concept

    We’ve previously looked at the rumors leading up to the presentation of the Alfa Romeo 4C concept. Now Alfa Romeo Centro Stile has made a time lapse video of how the Geneva concept car was build: Via We’re also hearing from The Detroit News that deliveries for the 4C will begin late 2012 in […]

  • Alfa Romeo 4C GTA – the rumors

    Alfa Romeo 4C GTA – the rumors

    [Updated: 2011-03-01] – The rumors of Alfa Romeo presenting a small sportscar concept at the Geneva Motor Show keep growing stronger. Here is a track back through the news snippets of what started as a rumor of an Abarth coupe through to an Alfa concept which now is rumored to go into production in 2012. […]

  • What is a touring car?

    What is a touring car?

    The STCC (Scandinavian Touring Car Championship) was formed for the 2011 season by merging the Danish Touring Car Championship (DTC) and Swedish Touring Car Championship (also STCC, confusingly enough), it was presided in 2010 by the Scandinavian Touring Car Cup (yet again STCC). Both the Danish and Swedish series used S2000 cars, and the STCC […]

  • Keeping up to date…

    Even tough it’s off-season in most of the motorsports classes I like to follow, it isn’t quiet news wise. Silly season in F1 is extra silly this season with Team Lotus (Tony Fernandes team with his Team Lotus chassis and Renault engines) and Lotus Renault (Renault chassis and engine, sponsored by Group Lotus) fighting over […]