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Export data from Xively to CSV

I’ve been using Xively (back then it was Cosm) for my data logging Arduinos since 2012, so when they announced that “LogMeIn has made the decision to retire Xively Personal from its current line of products effective January 15, 2018 … Continue reading

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Alfa Romeo type numbers (codes)

Just a list of Alfa Romeo models with type numbers Model Type Years Source “Future Coupé and Spider” 963 ?? – ?? autoedizione “Future SUV-C” 962 2017 – ?? autoedizione “Future E segment” 961 ?? – ?? autoedizione 4C 960 … Continue reading

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Electric Imp driving a small OLED display

I made some little functions for the Electric Imp to make it easier to drive a OLED display rom Digole (for example the 0.96″ Serial: UART/I2C/SPI 128×64 OLED Module Blue CN (DS12864OLED-2B), but they also come in other sizes and … Continue reading

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Logging statistics from a power meter with an Arduino and a LDR

My electrical power meter has a pale yellow LED that flashes once for ever watt hour used. Inspired by, and other projects, I set out to count the flashes with an Arduino and output some nice graphs showing my electricity … Continue reading

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Dual booting Android (Jellybean) and Linux (Ubuntu) on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer (TF101)

These are my own notes, so I have a chance of remembering how to do this First of all BACKUP EVERYTHING!!! I use Titanium Backup Pro (and buy the pro key), and backup everything to an miniSD card, that way … Continue reading

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Logging system stats from NAS to (formerly Pachube) is an online database that lets you store values and plot them over time. One use is to log system stats from a computer or NAS (in this case a Qnap 419p). First setup an account on Cosm … Continue reading

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Showing info on the Qnap NAS LCD

With inspiration from lcd_tool and lcdmond on 419P I thought I’d make a little script that shows the hard drive temperatures on the display on a Qnap NAS (in this case a 419p): So, lets go to the home directory and … Continue reading

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Alfa Romeo Giulia (2014) – News and rumors

The replacement for the Alfa Romeo 159 (which went out of production in 2011), has been on it’s way for years (on/off). Now that we’re getting closer to an actual car, I’ll start to collect the news and rumors here. … Continue reading

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New Alfa Spider – 2015 Duetto

Rumours (dreams?) of a Duetto inspired Alfa Spider has been around ever since the last type 105 Spider S4 rolled out of the factory in 1994. They had died out a bit, but after we’ve had the 4C concept presentation, … Continue reading

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Alfa Romeo 4C – The production version

Similar to how we followed the 4C concept rumors, I’ll here try to follow the rumors surrounding the production version of the Alfa 4C. 2012-08-02 AutomotiveNewsEurope - Fiat declines to give clues on new investments “Fiat also confirmed that preparatory work … Continue reading

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