Dual booting Android (Jellybean) and Linux (Ubuntu) on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer (TF101)

These are my own notes, so I have a chance of remembering how to do this :)

First of all BACKUP EVERYTHING!!! I use Titanium Backup Pro (and buy the pro key), and backup everything to an miniSD card, that way the apps and userdata can be restored in the new android rom (even if it’s a diffirent rom).

Grap the latest version of Tubuntu from the thread “[Win32/64][Dual Boot][Mount-Loop] Tubuntu – 1 click installer SBK1 & SBK2! *2/1/2013*” on XDA forums.

Locate the “Prime ROM” on the same page and download it (rename it “system.img”).

Find and download the Linux image you want (on the same page I choose “Lubuntu v1.2 (12.10)”). Rename it “ubuntu.img”.

Download the linux kernel you wan to run, I’ve had success with “2.6.36 – [cpu 1.4 ghz] [gpu 300mhz]“. Rename it “linux.img”. (I don’t get wifi if I use the kernel that comes in the tubuntu package, therefore this is needed for me).

Put all the *.img files in /tubuntu/images/

Backup the tablet!

Start Tubuntu Put the tablet into APX mode (hold “vol up” + “power”), the red text in the upper right hand corner turns green.

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