Showing info on the Qnap NAS LCD

With inspiration from lcd_tool and lcdmond on 419P I thought I’d make a little script that shows the hard drive temperatures on the display on a Qnap NAS (in this case a 419p):

So, lets go to the home directory and create a file called ‘’:

cd /home

Then enter the following into the file:

hdd1temp=`/sbin/get_hd_temp 1`
hdd2temp=`/sbin/get_hd_temp 2`
hdd3temp=`/sbin/get_hd_temp 3`
hdd4temp=`/sbin/get_hd_temp 4`

lcd_tool -1 "HDD1 $hdd1temp HDD2 $hdd2temp" -2 "HDD3 $hdd3temp HDD4 $hdd4temp"

To save the file in nano press [ctrl] + [o] and to exit nano press [ctrl] + [x].

Make the file executable:

chmod +x

Now we need to stop the LCD manager (as described in the link above):

/sbin/daemon_mgr lcdmond stop /sbin/lcdmond

And now we can run the script and enjoy seeing the individual hard drives temperature on the LCD:


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2 Responses to Showing info on the Qnap NAS LCD

  1. Greg B says:

    Thankyou for the script, however this will only return the HDD temperatures at the time you execute it misleading the user into thinking this is the current drive temperature.
    Perhaps a cron-job to refresh the display every 10 minutes?

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