My favorite Android apps right now

These are my favorite Android apps currently (in a more or less random order):

  • App 2 SD (free version)
    Helps free up the (often limited) internal memory, by identifying apps that can be moved to the SD card.
  • Barcode Scanner
    Does what the name says, and more, it also reads QR codes. Download it and try it on the QR code in the right bar on this page.
  • Battery Graph
    Plots the (de)charging of your battery.
  • Boxee Wifi Remote
    A great app that turns your phone into a WiFi remote for Boxee, it’s especially nice to be able to use the keyboard on the phone (press and hold [Menu] for a few seconds) when typing text, it’s much faster than the on screen keyboard in Boxee.
  • CamScanner
    I don’t have a scanner at home but this is a quick and dirty substitute. It takes a picture of your document, lets you crop it and then saves it as a PDF file.
  • Chrome to Phone
    Together with the Chrome (browser) app this’ll quickly send links from your browser on the computer to your phone. Neat if you’re looking up a place on Google Maps on the desktop and wants to navigate there on the phone.
  • Dropbox app
    Neatly gives you access to your Dropbox drive on your phone. It also has the upload function so it makes it easy to transfer pictures and videos from the phone to another computer.
  • ES File Explorer
    A nice file explorer that does what the name suggests.
  • eTilbudsavis (Danish)
    Lists supermarket offers in your area.
  • Pulse News Reader
    There are a lot of RSS readers, but Pulse does things a bit differently, it actually looks nice!
    It’s layout with a grid that scrolls both up and down (to select feeds) and sideways (to select items) just works. It’s especially good with feeds that have a picture linked to the news item, but it works with all RSS feeds. It’s a bit strange to set up (adding a new feed that isn’t in the Pulse database requires you to “search” for the url before adding it), but once it’s done it’s a very nice expirience to use.
  • QueueIt!
    When you select a video on the phone this app will ask you whether you want to watch it now or send it to your Boxee queue so you can view it later on the TV.
  • Remote for iTunes
    Works pretty much like Apples “Remote” app for iPhone/iPod Touch. It lets you control iTunes that’s running on your computer or an Apple TV.
  • SketchBook Mobile
    Neat drawing / sketching app from Autodesk (of AutoCAD fame), really easy to make nice looking drawings with lots of different brushes. Only needs to be able to import pictures to make it perfect.
  • Shazam
    Listens to the music thats around you and tells you what it is.
  • Tasker
    My Android phone just wouldn’t be the same without Tasker. It lets you set up simple or complex scripts. For example it turns on WiFi when I’m at home but turns it off when I’m out and about (to save power). It automatically turns on GPS when I open “Maps” and turns it off when I quit it. I’ve also used it to make a simple notification script that tells me when there’s an unread message on a homemade forum.
  • Transdriod
    I run the Transmission bittorrent client on my NAS. Transdriod is an interface for it (and uTorrent and other BT clients).
  • WordPress
    Manage your WordPress blog right from your phone, neat 🙂

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  1. […] I use iTunes, mostly because there are some great remote apps for the iPod Touch and Android (see My favorite Android apps right now). This lets me listen to music without having to turn on the TV. This entry was posted in HTPC […]

  2. Nice list here! Three of the ones you named I use on a regular basis! They are awesome! One of my most favorite Android apps of all time comes from DISH Network, called DISH Remote Access. Since I am a DISH customer/employee I was able to take advantage of it, and am very happy with it! It lets me watch live and recorded TV from home anywhere I go from my phone! I can even browse my TV guide and schedule recordings too! Just took a Sling Adapter hook up to my receivers and I was good to go! The app was a free and easy to install too! It’s definitely a great way to kill the time when out and about! I love it! 🙂

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