Lables, colours and switches

Found this switch in one of the apartments at Tamarind in Mombasa. There are multiply problems with it, first of all the colour codes for “on” and “off” seems to go against the convention of green = “on” and red = “off”. What’s not aparent from the picture though is how it actually worked. This switch hang from the cord in the middle of the bed and was the master switch for all the lights in the room. This is actually quite clever if it wasn’t for the fact that it isn’t just a remote for the other switches around the room. So, if you’ve turned off the lights on this switch by the bed and you return to the room when it’s dark, you have to navigate to the bed (through the mosquito net) and find this switch to turn on the lights. Even then you can’t be sure you’ll actually be able to see anything, ‘cos if you tried the switches by the door when you entered the room then you might have turned off the lights there, which means that you have to stumble around in the dark again to find the switches by the door.

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