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Even tough it’s off-season in most of the motorsports classes I like to follow, it isn’t quiet news wise. Silly season in F1 is extra silly this season with Team Lotus (Tony Fernandes team with his Team Lotus chassis and Renault engines) and Lotus Renault (Renault chassis and engine, sponsored by Group Lotus) fighting over who has the right to “Lotus” in F1. Then we have Force India who really want to swap out Vitantonio Liuzzi for Paul di Resta, but Vijay Mallya will most likely have to pay Liuzzi to not race (we should hear more about this at Force Indias press conference).

In the road car world we keep hearing rumors about Volkswagens attempts to buy Alfa Romeo from FIAT, with Sergio Marchionnes persistent denials of selling while Ferdinand Piech and Martin Winterkorn keep talking about their dream purchase.

So how to keep up with all the news and rumors…. a good list of links!


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