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Posted on by nkh | Alfa Romeo type numbers (codes)

Just a list of Alfa Romeo models with type numbers Model Type Years Source “Future Coupé and Spider” 963 ?? – ?? autoedizione “Future SUV-C” 962 2017 – ?? autoedizione “Future E segment” 961 ?? – ?? autoedizione 4C 960 … Continue reading

Posted on by nkh | Electric Imp driving a small OLED display

I made some little functions for the Electric Imp to make it easier to drive a OLED display rom Digole (for example the 0.96″ Serial: UART/I2C/SPI 128×64 OLED Module Blue CN (DS12864OLED-2B), but they also come in other sizes and … Continue reading

Posted on by nkh | Logging statistics from a power meter with an Arduino and a LDR

My electrical power meter has a pale yellow LED that flashes once for ever watt hour used. Inspired by, and other projects, I set out to count the flashes with an Arduino and output some nice graphs showing my electricity … Continue reading

Alfa Romeo - 33 1.7 i.e. (1994) [2002-2008] - 155 2.0 TS (1992) [2008-]

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